living outside the matrix

Almost every day we hear people close to us like friends or relatives complaining about their job situation, about the crisis, and about not finding a job that is satisfying their life expectations and to what they have studied.

Complaining is in the human nature, but also in the human nature there is an instinct to improve constantly your present situation by achieving new targets in life and work to reach personal happiness.

Returning to the core of this article, living in the matrix means simply living for working and not working for living! Living for working is a very big mistake that can even sometimes satisfy you in terms of money earned but it will never do psychologically because you will be always over stressed and you will never enjoy the money you made with such a big effort and most of the times you will make your company owner richer instead of yourself! All your time and effort will go to make richer somebody else, this is the worst really because time is precious as we have only one life available and this time has to be dedicated to your own growth and satisfaction.

Living in the matrix means also having a routine of a daily job of 8am-6pm with your boss stressing you all the time, traffic to reach the office, unfriendly colleagues arguing on everything and waking up very early to reach the office on time often by getting through packed underground lines plenty of people that have in common with you this daily routine.

We are on 2012 and now there is a possibility for everybody of you that owns an average brain (i am not smarter then you!) and with a basic IT knowledge to be able to get out of this matrix by finding a independent way to earn a living by an online job. There are hundreds of ways to succeed in it and you need to believe it, there are hundreds of ebooks on how to do it and several ways to reach this target, read as much you can about it online, especially on our blog! ;-) You can reach this by filling paid surveys, writing blogs, writing articles, doing translations online, data entry jobs, e-commerce websites and etc…there are endless ways believe me!

You need to stay focus on what you like and to have this very strong desire to be independent from others without having a boss or a manager to give you orders every day. Never give up because as soon as you are outside of the matrix you will be free to travel wherever you want and when you want without asking anybody days off or shifts to be covered at work and by only having your laptop as your office and to work even from your bed if you wish!

For all those reasons we are helping you to reach this freedom so keep staying tuned to our blog! Thanks again for following us!