high yield investment plans

HYIP high investment programs and plans are going mad this season, we found plenty of websites that propose fantastic yield rates for your investments. Basically those websites are ponzi schemes, that means that your investment is not safe, it’s a kind of  gambling, but most of them they will pay you back. The only problem is to check how long they will last. Basically you are betting on the website existence, you can wake up one day and have the website closed but many people are making money in this way. The most important advise we can give you is to diversify in many different HYIP websites in order to not lose a lot of time if one of them is shut down. Some of them are scam websites but we are tracking them daily to see if they are paying us back.

So far we can suggest you those 4 websites rated and reviewed by ourselves, all tested with our money. The result was that we got paid and the average yield per investment was impressive, around from 100% till 1000% return of investment. Here you can find the best 4 HYIP that we tested so far with guaranteed payouts: