freelancers reviews

Online there are many websites to find freelancers in internet but only few of those freelancers database are really useful to use, we checked dozens of them but the ones that we found out that are useful are only 2 of them! Elance and Odesk , i tried both of them personally to outsource my projects and i can tell you that both of them have thousands of freelancers available to work with you immediately.

They are organized by category, you can developers, designers, programmers, film makers even! Just post your project and after a couple of hour you will have many offers. But be carefull, check the history and feedback of previous works of each service provider.

That is the best feature to use, check carefully the history of previous work and feedback for each task done before assign the job to the freelance. Personally i prefer odesk as there are more individuals, in elance you find more companies then individual freelancers. That is the main difference.