buysellads Review

by admin on October 2, 2011

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We just found out a new website called that is very good to attract traffic in your website, basically you need to register in this website and then you are introduced to their platform where there are thousands of websites available to place your ads.
Your ads are banners, that means that you need to have available some cool banners ready to place in other websites. The websites to advrertise are split in several categories. You need to find a site that is about the same or a similar subject to the one you advertise.
Once you found the proper website, check what banner sizes they accept and go forward with the process.
Before that i suggest you to check carefully the website reputation, traffic, alexa ranking and impressions per month. After that put your order in the system and in few minutes you are online with your banner.
BuySellAds provides a full control panel where you can monitor click and impressions of your banners and make a a/b testing too!
I am trying out this website and in some cases i got good results so far with a CTR of 0.5% , not bad at all. Start with few tests and then go forward slowly on finding the right website for your campaign.