How to make money online-A Primer

by admin on July 20, 2011

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Google “how to make money online”, and you will immediately greeted with thousands of results showing all sorts of both tried and tested, legitimate methods, as well as those scams that claim to have the secret to turn someone as poor as a rat into a millionaire overnight. The latter, at the first glance, would look quite attractive though. However, if you do yourself a favor by not being lured into those obvious traps set by the thugs in the virtual world, probably it will be safe to assume that you are mentally prepared to work hard and give it some time before big-fat cheques start coming right up to your door steps.

Mentioned below are some relatively easier and less time consuming legitimate methods for those who have always wondered about how to make money online without investing any capital:

Make money with Affiliate Programs: This tried and tested method has often proved itself to be the best legitimate way to make money online. All you need to do here is promote digital products like short reports or eBooks on websites like PayDotCom, ClickBank etc.

Earn by selling photos online: If you happen to have a taste in photography, this one would suit you better. There are hundreds of websites in the webspace wherein you can upload your images and earn a commission whenever some one downloads them. The most interesting aspect of this method is that one single image can earn you money over and over again. So make sure that your work is good, and post them on various sites.

Make money by sharing files online:This method, is probably the easiest of all. There are a few websites that allow you to upload any kind of files that you own- irrespective of their content or formats, and you get paid a commission for it every time someone downloads your file(s)

Get paid by posting reviews: In this method, you need to set up a blog or a website and start offering your site-review services. If you happen to show some quality in the work, soon Website owners and bloggers will start knocking at your doorstep for posting reviews of their sites or blogs, for which, you will of course be paid.

And there you are- with four tried and tested answers to your long-standing question- “how to make money online”. There are plenty of other options as well, but these four, according to me are so far the easiest ones I have personally come across.

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