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Are Paid Surveys a Scam?

by admin on August 9, 2011

in Paid Surveys

Long time ago a friend asked me this question and I immediately told him that in my opinion paid surveys was a scam and that would have been a waste of time to make money in this way. But times are changing many paid surveys program are evolving and they became more and more good ways to earn money in a regular way.

Often big companies need paid surveys to test their new products and to know the customers feedback on them before introducing new products in the market.

I came across hundreds of different paid surveys companies online in this website and in many other websites that are showing the best paid surveys online. I noticed that more and more people are making a living out of it, of course the money involved in the average case is about 400$ per month, but as an extra income money is more then enough to pay your bills…

But in this market you need to be a regular paid surveys user, those companies they will send you every day surveys to fill in and you will have to be precise to fill them well. You are lucky if you are a US resident as many of those surveys are made from american companies and they need local residents to fill them. But also in UK there are UK paid surveys companies that will take you on board.

You can find a list of some good paid surveys here. I personally tried paid survey depot program and i can say that was very good in terms of money given and number of surveys to fill in. In the comments you can add some more good paid surveys program to try from your personal experience.


There are rumours online that soon will be released the e-book of Giovanni Kavalakis on how to make money online easily. Giovanni is a succesfull italian internet marketer that has realized many online projects. He is an example on how a person without a IT background can start his online business, develop it and make a good living from it.We went to interview Giovanni directly to tell us his personal success story and we found out many useful tips on start to make money online quickly and have a steady income from it. Giovanni told us that many friends of him are asking all the time how to start a business online and so he decided to write a complete course about it.

Giovanni started this business by reading a famous e-book called Google Cash, written by Chris Carpenter. But he told us that now times are changing and make money online only from Google Adwords advertising platform it has became more and more difficult. Strict adwords policies and more competition have shrunk the pay per click market heavily and new kinds of business online now are required to be setup in order to make good money in internet. Google cash was highly integrated method to make money with Clickbank affiliate platform.

Google Cash it was a useful tool to teach you online marketing 6 years ago, now online techniques have evolved and new forms of comunication like SMO (social media optimization) are mandatory in order to make your website famous and updated.

We will release the second part of the interview with Giovanni tomorrow. Stay tuned in Earn Free Money Online!




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