Can I make money using Google?

by admin on July 20, 2011

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If you are a website owner and planning to  incorporate Google AdSense into your website, probably you are on the right path as AdSense is the most powerful tool available today which allows virtually anyone to make money from Google. Now, there are a few things like how much money it is possible to make through AdSense, the ways to calculate your overall earnings, the individual amounts you would be getting from AdSense for content and AdSense for search etc., that you should probably keep in mind before signing up to the service.

The main idea behind Google AdSense is to allow website or blog owners to sell ad spaces on their webpages for ads relevant to their content. And every time a visitor clicks on an ad featured by the site, the owner gets paid. For each click on a particular ad, the owner of the site usually gets somewhere around $0.25.

Needless to say, more the traffic is to your website, higher will be the number of clicks on the ads. So the key thing you need to focus is driving more and more traffic to the site.

Now based on several researches done by various web research organisations, it is fair to say the near about 95 percent of the total income usually comes from AdSense for content, whereas barely 5 percent comes from AdSense for Search.

So, to make money from Google AdSense, you have to pour in some extra effort in maintaining the content of your website or blog consistently. Higher the quality of the content is, more will be the traffic.

However, its not just about the quality, the content has to be unique too, and Google is pretty strict about this policy. And also, it may take some time till Google finally accepts your AdSense account request as the process could be painfully lengthy at times.

So, to conclude with, get your homework done properly, and have some patience to make money from Google is not as easy as it sounds. But once you surpass the initial hurdles, success is almost sort of  inevitable.

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