July 2012

How to Make Money with Optionbit - Binary Options Trading Business

We tried Optionbit website that is a pioneering state-of-the-art binary options trading platform. Launched in 2009 and powered by the esteemed Tradologic system, Optionbit has quickly risen to great heights in its short lifetime thanks to its forward thinking and revolutionary trading.

Optionbit is different to other binary options sites. Not only do they offer all the basic platform features to the highest of standards but they also offer something unique in their service and money delivery.

Forward-thinking quick trading

In addition to the traditional Digital” high or low option that most traders begin their binary option journey with, Optionbit also provide their traders with trading options like “Touch” and “Range”. This variety gives traders a revolutionary sense of intuition and independence that no one else offers.

* Digital – Traders choose whether they believe the option will expire above or below the predetermined strike price.

* Touch – Traders predict whether an asset will merely touch a set strike price at any time before the asset expires.

* Range – Traders predict if an asset will expire in or out of a predetermined range

Exclusive Trading and Financial tools available

In addition to this, Optionbit offers traders an exclusive range of trading tools which give traders a revolutionary sense of freedom and choice as they trade. Features include:

* Close Now – enables traders to close an option if it is not performing as hoped.

* Extend – allows traders to extend the expiry time of an option in order to increase chances of an in-the-money result.

Highest Payout Percentages!

Optionbit offers a huge 75-91% payout to its traders, the highest percentage in the market today. They also offer a massive up to 400% payout on weekend Touch trading, whereby traders can place Touch trades over the weekend period on its performance.

In conclusion, Optionbit most definitely attests to be every bit the pioneering platform that it is known for. What’s more, their 24/6 Customer Support Team is excellent, with their professionalism and knowledge readily apparent in the service they offer. 10/10

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Today guys i am reviewing a website that i have tried for some websites i own. You know when you create a website and a related facebook group or fan page and you need to start from scratch. Well this is the situation where you need to buy facebook likes or twitter followers to show that you are not alone in your business but that you have already some fans or followers, that’s more cool to show then a boring fan page where the members are zero…The impact on a new user is totally different and in this way it will be more keen to like your page or to follow your twits! I was recommended to try this website Facebook Champions and i can say that i was very happy with the time delivery and the service offered. Now i cannot show you obviously the fan pages where i used their services but they really did a good job and in 3 days i had delivered 1000 likes on my fan pages for a very cheap price and with real facebook accounts. Visit their website here FacebookChampions!

Having a fan page with thousands of fans and members is mandatory in order to keep your website popular. The first thing your visitors will do will be to check your website fans and their posts. Remember also to update daily your group or fan page with new updates and new content in your website, in this way you will improve your google rankings and also your facebook fans because they will be more interested about your page!


Facebook and Twitter Paid Social Media Jobs

July 20, 2012

I have just bought the membership to this website www.paidmediasocialsocialjobs.com , it’s a very interesting website to find social media jobs that get you paid to write content to the website customers. Basically once you sign up with this website you get access to many companies looking for social managers  of their fans of group facebook [...]

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How to live outside of the matrix and be happy!

July 13, 2012

Almost every day we hear people close to us like friends or relatives complaining about their job situation, about the crisis, and about not finding a job that is satisfying their life expectations and to what they have studied. Complaining is in the human nature, but also in the human nature there is an instinct [...]

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HYIP – High Yield Investment Plans Review, The quickest way to earn money online

July 11, 2012

HYIP high investment programs and plans are going mad this season, we found plenty of websites that propose fantastic yield rates for your investments. Basically those websites are ponzi schemes, that means that your investment is not safe, it’s a kind of  gambling, but most of them they will pay you back. The only problem [...]

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Pink Money Review – www.PinkMoney.biz Really Makes 100% yield per day!

July 11, 2012

Pink Money website is one of the leading hyip plans online. We checked carefully the website in Alexa and found out that is ranked 108,623 worldwide, with a peak for russian users. The website is active since almost a year and from a deep review of hyip review websites we found out that payouts have [...]

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www.InvestForia.com – InvestForia Website Review

July 11, 2012

InvestForia is a new hyip (high yield investment plan) website. Probably you are not aware but there are many website online that propose financial investments with guaranteed results. Many websites like this one are really promising and work but not all of them, often they are scams and they do not pay you back the money invested. [...]

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